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Feb 28, 2024

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February 27, 2024     

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5th Annual National Slam the Scam Day is March 7, 2024

The deluge never seems to end— imposter phone calls, texts, emails, social media and even U.S. mail; so many ruses, all with the same intent – to fleece you. Scammers are after your identity and money. Worst of all, it keeps getting harder and harder to spot them. That’s why the Social Security Administration (SSA) and its Office of the Inspector General (SSA OIG) continue to promote National Slam the Scam Day to help keep you informed of the continually evolving tactics scammers use. 

Stay protected. Raise awareness and protect your assets by joining us for the National Slam the Scam Day, March 7, 2024. SSA and SSA OIG partner with other government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector to increase awareness about how to spot government imposter scams and keep money and personal information safe.

In a government imposter scam, someone claims to be an SSA official, or other government employee, and may ask for personal information, demand payment, or make threats. Scammers are constantly changing their tactics and using new technology, but the basic script remains same – scare you into thinking you must take immediate action and give up your information or money.

“As our fifth National Slam the Scam Day approaches, we are just as committed as we were in 2020. The scammers have not stopped, and we will not stop in our commitment to increase public awareness of these pervasive scams,” said Gail S. Ennis, Inspector General for SSA. “We are grateful for the many partnerships we have formed over the last 5 years in support of this initiative and the collaborative efforts that have come forth. We must continue to work together to slam the scam.”

Consumer awareness is the most effective method of deterring these crimes, therefore, we hold National Slam the Scam Day annually as part of the Federal Trade Commission’s National Consumer Protection Week, March 3-9, 2024. On March 7, 2024, National Slam the Scam Day, partners will also host social media chats to empower the public to Slam the Scam by sharing tips for spotting scams.

Visit SSA and SSA OIG’s joint site ( for resources, tips, and alerts and to report Social Security-related scams. Other government imposter scams may be reported to the Federal Trade Commission Join us on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) to follow along on National Slam the Scam Day using #SlamTheScam.

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