Video Schema Demystified in Custom Legal Marketing’s Latest Video

Video Schema Demystified in Custom Legal Marketing’s Latest Video

Mar 5, 2024

San Francisco, California – Custom Legal Marketing, a law firm marketing firm with offices in San Francisco, CA and Tampa, Florida, has launched a new video on leveraging Schema for lawyers. This is the latest episode in their Schema for Lawyers series, which was released on YouTube last Summer.

In the video, Custom Legal Marketing Co-Founder, Jason Bland, talks about how video schema can help steer search traffic directly to a law firm’s website instead of a YouTube channel and how that can give a law firm a strategic edge because it brings potential clients directly to their website rather than a YouTube Channel or other video platform.

The importance of video schema markup is a central point discussed in the video. By applying this markup to video pages, it makes it more likely that video content will appear in search results.

The video also explains how to optimize video content for Google’s search algorithm using video schema markup. This can lead Google to recognize a law firm as a reliable source of high-quality video content, enhancing the likelihood of the site appearing in video search results.

An integral part of the video is the practical approach to applying the video schema markup using a WordPress SEO plugin. The step-by-step guide walks viewers through editing the video page, navigating schema settings, and adding essential details like the title, length of the video, and a link to the video source.

The Video for Schema episode is the final piece of Custom Legal Marketing’s months-long series helping law firm’s utilize Schema Markups. New videos are in production to guide attorneys and law firm marketing directors through other aspects of search engine marketing.

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The Schema for Lawyers series can be viewed on Custom Legal Marketing’s YouTube Channel. The shorter clips from the series can also be seen on Instagram and TikTok.

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