Bold Patents Helps Secure Seven Patents for Their Clients

Mar 1, 2024

Seattle, Washington – Bold Patents is excited to announce that they have helped secure over seven patents throughout the month of January. These patents span a diverse range of industries, showcasing the firm’s skill in guiding inventors through the complex world of intellectual property.

At Bold Patents, our team of experienced attorneys uses a combination of legal knowledge and real-world experience to help our clients successfully navigate the patent process. From start to finish, we help our clients feel empowered and confident to secure the intellectual property rights they deserve.

Bold Patents is proud to announce the successful acquisition of seven new patents for its clients:

Growing media evaluation system and method: Invented by Kristopher Borgman and Brennan Ingram, this system helps improve soil health and crop yield. It provides users with test kits to collect soil samples, analyzes them to identify nutrient levels and other characteristics, and offers personalized recommendations to improve the soil. The kits also include follow-up tests to track The system may also include a second kit to follow the soil’s improvement.

Portable bonfire candle: A rectangular-shaped portable bonfire candle created by Mandy and Stephen Becker.

System and method for a drink sterilization unit: Created by Kyieme White and Jenna Elsayed, this device automatically sterilizes drinks or objects using ultraviolet light. It features a chamber with retractable doors that open upon sensing your presence. Inside, UV lights kill germs on the surface of the placed item. A drip tray and removable base collect any spills and house the device’s electronics.

System and method for autonomous vehicles and method for swapping autonomous vehicles during operation: This is a new functionality that offers a significant advancement in controlling autonomous vehicles, or drones, operating in extreme environments. The software, created by Travis Kunkel, combines the benefits of centralized command and individual vehicle operation.

Storage container: A storage container, developed by Brendan Cleary, that features snap technology.

Guitar modulator stand: This is a device designed by Philip Garrison, Richard Good, and David Kemp that is used to secure guitar modulators. It features a panel with a rectangular hole allowing modulators to slide through, a support arm attached below the panel to enable a grommet to slide for cable management, and a stable foundation to support the entire structure.

Cable machine accessory: A cable machine accessory developed by David Fried that can be used with construction machinery.

These patents represent a wide range of innovative ideas across various industries, demonstrating the firm’s versatility and dedication to supporting inventors of all backgrounds. We extend our warmest congratulations to our clients for their innovative spirit and commitment to bringing their ideas to life.

At Bold Patents, we are committed to helping inventors and entrepreneurs nationwide secure their intellectual property rights. From obtaining patents to registering trademarks to protecting copyrights and trade secrets, we are the experienced choice.

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