Cohen IP Law Group Helps Hibertec Secure Essential Patents for Wildfire Proof House

Jan 18, 2024

Los Angeles, California – “What if you could lower a house into the ground to protect it from wildfires?” One evening, Holden Forrest doodled this idea on the back of his daughter’s math homework. Rather than convincing himself the idea was silly, Forrest knew he needed to research whether or not it was possible.

After several years of research, Forrest launched HiberTec, a company that offers the technology to lower houses into the ground during a wildfire. HiberTec is currently seeking funding to make this idea a reality 一 and Forrest has secured several patents for the technology required to make it happen with the help of Cohen IP.

HiberTec’s Patent Journey
Forrest’s name currently appears on several patents searchable in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database. These include:

A patent application for a “building structure translation system and method,” filed in September 2020 and published in June 2021 (US 11,274,456).

An issued patent for the “building structure translation system and method” dated March 15, 2022 (US 11,274,456).

An issued patent for a “cover system and method for retractable buildings,” dated June 13, 2023 (US 11,674,311).

An issued patent for a “utilities connection management system and method for retractable buildings,” dated July 11, 2023 (US 11,697,950).

With patents in hand, HiberTec is ready for the next steps in its invention journey.

Steps Ahead for HiberTec
Securing the patent protection needed to make HiberTec’s promises a reality is a major step forward for the company. Yet, it is only one step on the journey. To bring wildfire-proof houses into the world, HiberTec must now secure funding and carry out the work the company has planned.

To do this, HiberTec currently has a crowdfunding campaign on Republic Note and is seeking investors. The value of the company’s patent protection plays a key role in this search for financial support.

These patents thus offer key protections to HiberTec 一 and to those who wish to see it succeed. The experienced patent attorneys at Cohen IP help inventors secure this protection and leverage it to bring their ideas to life.

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