Criminal Defense Attorney Releases Book About Hollywood Sex Cult NXIVM

Mar 3, 2023

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) May 9, 2018 – Criminal defense attorney Omar W. Rosales releases his new book “American Cult” about the NXIVM sex cult that recruited Hollywood heavyweights. The True Crime novel goes into detail about NXIVM brainwashing techniques. Rosales also included FBI reports and letters from U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue of the Eastern District of New York.

“The group uses sleep deprivation, indoctrination, and group sessions to reinforce their lessons,” noted Rosales. “There was some bizarre stuff going on. The members worshipped Keith Raniere as their Vanguard and saw him as a Messiah. They claimed he was a concert pianist, the world’s smartest man, and that he could tell your complete personality by playing volleyball with you. None of it was true,” he said.

After law school, Rosales directed the award-winning documentary film “Heaven in Exile” about His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees. While he was editing his film, Rosales was recruited by NXIVM cult members. “I was tricked into taking the classes. I was told I would meet more people in Hollywood and industry insiders,” said Rosales. He continued, “The classes are good at first, but there is some serious brainwashing going on. The Cult wants you to devote your entire life to NXIVM and take classes that never end.”

NXIVM would also force members to open NXIVM-affiliated businesses. These businesses would then fail, because no one but other cult members would use them. Rosales observes, “Kristin Kreuk’s business was Girls by Design. It had no business plan and provided NXIVM-based empowerment and leadership lessons to young girls. Allison Mack’s business was Juicy Peach. In the logo she designed 10 years ago, Allie drew an upside-down vagina, with a bloody bite mark. The mark was in the same spot where her sex slaves were branded and mutilated.”

“The whole thing is sick. I’m glad these folks went down in flames,” Rosales says. “After I finished my film, I put the experience out of my mind and went back to practicing law. It all came back when the story broke about the sex slaves and branding,” said the lawyer. “As a community, we need to recognize and put a stop to these groups. They don’t use religion anymore, they use the self-help and New Age industry to cloak their activities.”

Rosales now works as a disabled rights advocate. He is a former Marine and attorney. The book “American Cult” is available on Amazon.