Dr. Scott Mimms, Former Indiana University School of Medicine Graduate, Faces Over 15 Medical Malpractice Claims

Dr. Scott Mimms, Former Indiana University School of Medicine Graduate, Faces Over 15 Medical Malpractice Claims

Apr 11, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Scott E. Mimms, MD, is an Indiana University School of Medicine graduate. For several years, Dr. Mimms practiced medicine with Advanced Surgery of Indiana in Indianapolis, focusing on cosmetic surgeries and procedures. 

Now, Dr. Mimms also faces over a dozen claims of medical malpractice from patients who claim that his failure to meet the standard of care in their treatment resulted in injuries. Experienced Indiana medical malpractice attorneys at the Tabor Law Firm are among those representing clients in claims against Dr. Mimms. 

Allegations Against Doctor, Scott Mimms

Injured patients claim Dr. Mimms negligently performed various bariatric and cosmetic surgeries and procedures. These patients claim that Dr. Mimms’ failure to meet the standard of care resulted in injuries, including serious infections like sepsis and permanent disfigurement beyond scarring expected in similar procedures. 

Other allegations against Dr. Mimms include that the surgeon:

Performed surgical or medical procedures at unlicensed facilities

Did not have a licensed anesthesiologist or certified nurse anesthetist present during procedures that would ordinarily call for one, and

Failing to use appropriate or sanitary techniques for anesthesia. 

Questions about Dr. Mimms’ medical practice include allegations that he performed surgical procedures in his Indianapolis office, which is not certified as an outpatient surgical center. In one case, a patient who received liposuction from Dr. Mimms later appeared at Community North Hospital with severe symptoms. The hospital’s medical staff discovered that the patient had suffered a punctured bowel. The damage led to sepsis, which ultimately proved fatal. 

Another case covered by CBS 4 focuses on a patient who wanted loose skin removed after she lost a significant amount of weight. The patient told CBS 4 that she woke up twice during surgery and that she still has scarring and pain from the procedure. She says she couldn’t breastfeed her newborn due to the lingering pain. 

Licensing Actions Against Dr. Mimms

Indiana licensing bodies and hospitals have already taken action to limit Dr. Mimms’ medical practice. An Indianapolis hospital recently revoked Dr. Mimms’ privileges to perform surgery in its facilities; Dr. Mimms claims he cooperated voluntarily in relinquishing his privileges. The Indiana Insurance Department reported that as of October 2022, Dr. Mimms had 17 malpractice claims on file; the number has since increased. 

The Indiana Attorney General also sought a suspension of Dr. Mimms’ license to practice medicine. An investigation by the state attorney general’s office resulted in a large file of documents related to Dr. Mimms’ practice and claims that the physician fell short of the standard of care in several instances, according to a Fox 59 news report. 

In January 2023, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board received a petition to act on Dr. Mimms’ continued medical licensing. The petition called Dr. Mimms a “clear and immediate danger” to the public, according to a Fox 59 news report. 

The petition was based on four complaints received by the Indiana Attorney General’s office, spanning nearly a year. The complaints come from several sources, including:

 The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA), which had concerns about answers Dr. Mimms provided on a license renewal application,

A patient who claims she suffered complications after an arm lift surgery and that she paid for a breast augmentation that she never received,

Two fellow physicians, including one who notified the Attorney General’s office about the patient whose punctured bowel led to death by septic shock.  

On January 26, 2023, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board voted unanimously to issue a 90-day suspension of Dr. Mimms’ medical license. The board will reconsider the evidence at the end of this 90-day period. At that time, the board may choose to end the suspension or to continue it for a time the board will determine. 

Dr. Mimms told Fox 59 news that he is being treated as a “target” and a “scapegoat” by Community Health Systems and has considered filing a defamation action against Community Health. 

What to Do If You Suspect Medical Negligence Caused Your Injuries

The legal team at the Tabor Law Firm have a track record of success in bringing medical malpractice claims against other medical providers in past instances of negligence. 

Indiana law allows injured patients to seek compensation if they believe a medical provider negligently caused their injuries. If you’ve been injured, talk to an experienced Indiana medical malpractice attorney today. 

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