Marketing for Justice Hosts Free “Intake for Law Firms” Online Workshop

May 12, 2023

New York, New York – Law firm marketers are constantly seeking ways to increase the number of signed cases while minimizing overhead costs. As the demand for legal services continues to grow, the importance of effective intake strategies can’t be overstated. To help law firm marketers optimize their intake processes, Marketing for Justice will host an online workshop, “Intake for Law Firms,” next month. The workshop will provide practical tips and strategies for converting leads into signed cases while minimizing overhead costs.

The workshop will be led by guest coach Kerri Coby White, a sought-after legal marketing consultant and co-founder of law firm marketing agency Kerri James, who has helped hundreds of law firms optimize their intake and marketing processes. Topics that will be covered include lead generation, intake processes, and automation tools. During the workshop, participants will learn how to build an effective intake process that is tailored to their law firm’s unique needs — and how marketing can support that effort. They will also learn how to use technology to streamline their intake processes, improve communication with potential clients, and track lead generation. The workshop is 100% online and, as with every Marketing for Justice workshop, participants will be encouraged to unmute and ask questions in real time.

“We’re excited to offer this online workshop to law firm marketers who are looking to optimize their intake processes,” said Marketing for Justice founder Dan Brian. “Effective intake is essential to the success of any law firm, and we’re confident that the strategies and tools shared during the workshop will help participants convert more leads into signed cases.”

The workshop is open to all law firm marketers, regardless of the size of their firm or their level of experience. Registration is free but limited spots are available; interested legal marketers and attorneys can reserve a spot online.

Marketing for Justice provides online digital marketing workshops and continuing education for legal marketers (and solo attorneys managing marketing) at small to mid-size law firms. MFJ brings together emerging marketing leaders for community, collaboration, and coaching, all designed to help increase qualified intakes and signed cases from online channels.

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