Sommers Schwartz Files Hospital Negligence Lawsuit Against Henry Ford Jackson Hospital for Discharging a Vulnerable Patient into Freezing Weather Conditions, Causing Her Death

Apr 5, 2024

Detroit, Michigan – Leading law firm Sommers Schwartz, PC has filed a lawsuit against the Henry Ford Jackson Hospital on behalf of a woman who tragically died from hypothermia due to alleged hospital negligence. The suit, Rowden v. Henry Ford Jackson Hospital, was filed by Sommers Schwartz attorney Robert Sickels in the Jackson County Circuit Court.

The case revolves around the untimely demise of Ms. Gail Broner who, despite presenting symptoms of confusion, disorientation, and severe back and neck pain, was discharged from the hospital at 2:30 a.m. on March 3, 2022—into a perilously cold night.

Ms. Broner, who was found by a city police officer acting erratically outside her apartment, was initially rushed to the emergency room due to her alarming physical and mental state. Despite her critical condition and the detection of dangerously low electrolyte levels, hospital staff discharged her without re-examining her electrolyte levels or arranging safe transportation home. Following her release, Ms. Broner attempted to return home on foot, dressed only in her nightgown, with no shoes, coat, or cell phone.

A few hours post-discharge, a 911 operator received a call reporting a woman huddled on the ground, less than four blocks from the hospital. Ms. Broner was returned to the hospital, this time suffering from extreme hypothermia. Despite attempts to re-warm her, Ms. Broner suffered a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at 8:47 a.m.

The lawsuit alleges that the hospital staff members, who were aware of Ms. Broner’s physical and mental limitations, negligently discharged her into adverse weather conditions without implementing reasonable measures to ensure her safety.

On behalf of Ms. Broner’s daughter, who serves as the personal representative of the Estate, Sommers Schwartz seeks compensation for the pain and suffering endured by Ms. Broner, the loss of her mother’s love, companionship, and services, and the medical and funeral expenses incurred.

This case is a grim reminder of the devastating consequences of hospital negligence. Sommers Schwartz, PC is committed to seeking justice for Ms. Broner and her family, and ensuring such tragic incidents can be prevented in the future.

State of Michigan, Jackson County Circuit Court
Rowden v. Henry Ford Jackson Hospital
Case: 24-0453-NO

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