ZeroRisk Cases® Revolutionizes Mass Tort Lead Generation with Proprietary Technology and Compliance Program

Oct 5, 2023

Allentown, Pennsylvania – Fake leads in mass torts cases pose a significant threat to the integrity of the legal system and can cause severe harm to innocent individuals. Unscrupulous law firms and call centers often use deceptive practices, such as cold-calling or misleading advertisements, to generate leads without regard for validity. These actions waste not only valuable time and resources for reputable law firms but also erode public trust in the legal system.

A major contributor to this problem is the practice of purchasing leads from overseas call centers. These call centers may not have the proper qualifications, experience, or ethical standards, leading to the generation of fake leads.

Furthermore, these centers often employ illegal methods, such as using stolen healthcare information or creating fake profiles, which puts American citizens at risk. By targeting individuals with specific medical conditions that match mass tort diagnosis and treatment codes, these call centers exploit vulnerable people and encourage them to file false claims.

The mass tort industry is aware of these activities, but they continue to occur, highlighting the urgent need for law firms to thoroughly vet any call centers they consider partnering with. Ensuring that call centers use ethical and legal methods to generate leads is critical to preserving the credibility and reputation of law firms.

To avoid fake leads and mitigate the associated risks, law firms should:

Thoroughly vet call centers to ensure they possess the necessary skills, experience, and commitment to ethical practices.

Avoid using cold calling or fake profiles to generate leads.

Confirm that leads are genuinely interested in the services and possess valid claims.

Fake leads have a devastating impact on the lives of those affected, potentially leading to the loss of homes, jobs, health, and trust in the legal system. Law firms can help protect vulnerable individuals and restore faith in the legal system by addressing fake leads in mass tort cases.

Another concerning aspect of this issue is the phenomenon of “lead fraud,” where individuals sign up for mass tort leads without a legitimate claim to exploit law firms and lead generators financially. Lead fraud further undermines the legal industry and highlights the importance of robust lead verification processes.

The Growing Problem of Fake Leads and Lead Fraud in Mass Torts Cases Necessitates a Proactive Response

Fake leads and lead fraud can result in a tainted docket filled with fraudulent cases leading to a loss of reputation, legal culpability, and diminished settlements.

In response to this growing issue, ZeroRisk Cases®—a leading client acquisition company—has developed innovative solutions utilizing proprietary data-driven case acquisition technology and a comprehensive compliance program designed to provide law firms with high-quality, low-cost mass tort cases and protect our attorney client’s liability as well as ours for false claims.

ZeroRisk Cases®‘ proprietary lead generation technology, combined with their ZeroRisk Compliance Program, ensures that all leads generated and processed adhere to ethical and legal standards. By doing so, the company actively protects the liability of its attorney clients while preventing false claims.

All our lead generation is done internally.  We do not use any third-party lead-generation services.  Our marketing team develops all the ad creatives as well as manages all media buys.  In addition, we utilize a proprietary data collection procedure we developed.  This process is the key to obtaining clients “at the bottom of the funnel.”  This means they are leads who have been affected by the drug or product in question, have the desired deleterious effect, have been treated for the resulting medical condition, AND want to discuss their case with an attorney.  This technology will provide the highest possible value to clients for each mass tort we can offer.

All potential claimants responding to our marketing come into our US-based call centers to get legal help.  We do NOT make cold calls nor use illegal methods to solicit calls.  Outbound calls are only made in response to inbound requests from potential claimants.

All our advertising is TCPA compliant and pre-approved by our attorney clients.

A Compliance Specialist completes a third-party AI-Driven fraud detection protocol, a KYL-Know Your Lead program. This is a first in the legal industry and emulates what the SEC requires of finance institutions.

To help protect against lead fraud, we scrub all our inbound and outbound leads using our Scammer ScrubTM trusted cloud-based defense against serial plaintiffs and “lawsuit mill” litigators who target and entrap law firms and lead generators for TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) violations.  The software identifies serial TCPA plaintiffs and serial litigators while running wireless, VoIP, and DNC (Do Not Call) list scrubs and helps us maintain TCPA compliance.  The software is updated in real-time from original court documents and the National DNC list.

We also use TrustedForm to further vet our leads.  TrustedForm is the highest standard for independent proof of consent.  TrustedForm provides unbiased third-party documentation of consent and real-time actionable insights about the leads we are acquiring.

Legal Protection
Verify and document consent for compliance with regulations like TCPA, CASL, etc.

Fraud Protection
Verify we are receiving authentic leads from interested consumers.

Brand Protection
Verify our marketing brand is being presented properly and leads are coming from our approved sites.

Our TrustedForm certificates provide unbiased third-party documentation of consent. This proof of consent can protect you in the event of litigation while giving you confidence that your signed claimant has asked you to contact them.

In addition, our Compliance Specialist utilizes a third-party AI-driven fraud detection protocol, a KYL-Know Your Lead program. This is a first in the legal industry and emulates what the SEC requires of finance institutions.

We use IDology- a real-time and on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solution.  It offers us a multi-layered approach that ensures we have more inclusive ways to verify leads— quickly, easily, and automatically.

ZeroRisk Cases® is dedicated to helping people injured by defective drugs, medical devices, consumer products, harmful chemicals, or accidents. Their mission is to provide the public with informational resources about medications, defective devices, products, and inhalants that harm millions of people every year.

The company offers a comprehensive intake process for each claimant package, including full intake and questionnaires, signed retainer, signed HIPAA release, and optional ZeroRisk Replacement Policy. ZeroRisk Cases® is committed to forging long-term relationships with its clients, offering competitive pricing and unparalleled service quality.

By addressing the fake lead crisis in mass tort cases, ZeroRisk Cases® not only safeguards the reputation of the legal industry but also ensures the protection of innocent individuals. With cutting-edge technology, robust vetting systems, and a dedication to delivering the highest quality cases at the best value, ZeroRisk Cases® is poised to help law firms compete effectively in the mass tort industry.

About ZeroRisk Cases ZeroRisk Cases® is a leading legal client acquisition company providing high-quality, ethical lead generation services for law firms specializing in mass tort and personal injury cases. With a mission to connect law firms with genuinely interested clients possessing valid claims, ZeroRisk Cases® is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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